I was recently commissioned to paint a mermaid themed painting on an acoustic guitar. Now this is a first for me, and when I was contacted about the project I was immediately intrigued!

Mermaid Guitar - MockupAfter my initial meeting to discuss the details of the painting I immediately began my process of researching for ideas and inspiration. Once I had a good idea for what I wanted to paint, I created a mock-up of the piece by photographing the guitar, then importing the photo into my drawing program on my computer.

After getting approval for the mock-up I started by drawing the main elements on the guitar. At first with just simple line art to make sure I had the scale and coverage I wanted. I used the mock-up as my guide, referring to it as I began to fill in the colours. Because the guitar already had a finish coating it was necessary to apply more than one layer of paint for each colour. After two or three applications I felt the colours were finally solid and vibrant enough.

Once I had completed the painting, and before I applied the clear coat, I again photographed the guitar and waited for final approval of the piece by my client. Upon final approval of the art, it was now time to clear coat the painting to protect it from scratches – those guitar picks can be nasty!

Here are a series of photos of the guitar all masked and in the final stage of clear coating. As you can see, I stayed as close as I could to the original mock-up art, and as it turned out, my client is very happy with the final results!