A step by step on how I created the Java Dreams mural.

Java Dreams Mural by Kim Overholt - 1I enjoy the whole idea of painting walls – all around me! I had so many ideas when I entered Matt & Evelyn’s home theatre room. The whole process was so much fun to pull together, and they had some great ideas as well.

Java Dreams Mural by Kim Overholt - 3

Our starting point would be the wall area above the wet bar and what would become the marquee area above the door leading into the theatre room.  We went for an old Western Theatre style with stars and reels titled “Silver Screen Theatre”.

The Java Dreams Mural came to me when they showed me the picture of what they had in mind – they had a black and white version of the full colour version of Java Dreams by Chris Consani – as soon as I had showed the coloured version to them it was exactly what they wanted there.

We discussed the details of time and payment, I had drawn up some initial designs and Matt & Evelyn had some extra pieces already in the room that would add to my direction. I went straight to work on the mural first…

Keeping with my pattern, I practiced drawing images and created sketches for my client to consider before I began.

Java Dreams Mural by Kim Overholt - 2Java Dreams Mural by Kim Overholt - 4Since they had props already I had made up other ideas but the two main focuses did not require any props.  I always told them we could incorporate them in later too.

The characters themselves I had practiced just pencil sketches of the original “looks” and hope they would transfer well  into paint for me…It was always interesting to see my own progression!

Java Dreams Mural by Kim Overholt - 5I sketched it all out in pencil with utmost care to detail and slowly began the painting process of the mural first.  When I felt I had gotten to a place in the mural I liked I would initialize the start of the marquee by taping it in precisely and hand drawing in the letters after the paint had begun to dry.

Well this was becoming very exciting to say the least…I love the freedom of painting! Don’t try this at home! You might like it!

It’s all about fooling the eye – like magic!

DSC_0063DSC_0060The progression of the painted mural consisted of NO black – just shades of Raw Umber and Ultramarine Blue. I wanted to keep it as real as possible.  It made it harder when doing the ceiling of the painting to match the shadow of the room I was working in.

As I reached completion of the mural and the marquee I made sure to add some elements of the house into the mural.  I did this by making the carpet the characters were on to be the same colour as the carpet in the very room I painted with the markings in the rug the same way.  I was also paying attention to lighting to make sure the way the light fell from the pot-lights to brighten the right character in the foreground.

DSC_0101The final look of the room made me hope that one day we will continue to decorate the room in a Art Nouveau Style theatre to compliment the stars that exist within its walls.  I look forward to the next project – hopefully the condiment stand next to the theatre where Humphrey Bogart is standing nearby…waiting.

Another well made, very attractive and imaginative room!