This is part one of a two part post of the mural made in the Harry Potter Style room that I created for a young girl.

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-2KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-1It would have been something I would have loved to reproduce in my own room as a kid.

This place would act as a hideaway for the imagination based on a theme close to my heart – magic!  There are techniques that I use when I paint to ‘fool the eye’ as magicians do to create their illusions.

We discussed the details, I had drawn up some initial designs and had some extra pieces already in the room that would add to my direction.

I went straight to work!

Again I went to find images and created sketches for my client to look at before I began.

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-3I had already read the Harry Potter books; and with key elements already in place I thought the best place to start was behind the door where as soon as you closed it you would be automatically transported to the Magic Forest.

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-11The bookcase, shown here, would be a dark brown colour.  I would create a uniquely coloured shadow around to make it look as if the bookcase was floating away from the wall.

I also created little panels for the bookcase where cartoon mice would be looking out or doing activities that could easily be switched out and changed depending on what the girl would like to see them doing.  For example one panel had a mouse getting ready for bed, where another would show a magician mouse doing a ‘floating’ cheese trick.

Don’t try this at home! You might like it!

Transport yourself into a whole new place!

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-4The concept imagined would be closing the door to the bedroom and have a portal behind it to transport you to Hogwarts through the Magic Forest.

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-5I started behind the door where the branch jutted out and started to transform the wall into a dark purple making the remainder of the tree (that didn’t exist) behind the door then extending it out and tricking the eye to seem as if you had to jump over gnarled rooted trees and into the woods.

I made other branches extend back into the room and look like the original branch with more roots as well extending past the door so when the door was open to the hallway you could see it looked like there was a tree in the room.

Another very active and imaginative room!