KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-10This is part second (2nd) part post of the mural made in the Harry Potter Inspired Room that I created for a young girl.

In creating such a room I had to come to the board with an imagination that could aim to make everything as supernatural as possible.

I will have a gallery posted with more pictures of the room because I can only do the highlights of this creative magnitude.

The details are meant to fool the eye and I took into consideration the different times of the day and other anomalies that make the room take on a different look.

Some would say that I dabble in magic myself and to that I have to admit that I am a ‘receptor’ for strange occurrences… ;). 

“Hello there…I am Dobbie, I was to peek in on you to make sure all is well…”

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-13bBy this bookcase above is Dobbie, he is standing at the door ready to snap his fingers and take you the quickest way to Hogwarts.

Higher on the shelf is a freeze formula has just tipped over and started to freeze everything around it…Including Dobbie and he can’t wait much longer before he disappears before he gets frozen too so if you don’t make it you must go through the magic forest.

Up in the trees toward Hogwarts is Harry’s owl, Hedwig, is sitting in the tree nearby waiting for you.

Magic surrounds you!

I had homework to do!

KimOverholt-Themed-Room-HarryPotter-15bThis is one of the Messenger Owls who has an envelope waiting to put your name on it and send you on your way to Hogwarts too!

I find with a lot of my murals if I can do panels and have them cut and mounted on the wall it allows the paint to flow a lot better around the characters I want to accent the room.

The picture of the owl I found on-line and decided that it would be the perfect example. I painted it on masonite board.  Later my friend cuts it from the panel, I paint the edges black and the character is secured to the wall and dabbed with touch up paint to cover the nails or screws.

More murals to come!!!!!