Oh what fun it is to be an artist!

I love the novelty it brings with it sometimes.  I know as artists we all strive to create that one piece that we look at with awe and excitement when it is becoming what we love…Whatever it is – it is like magic…It is like tapping into the unknown and creating it the way you see it…Sometimes it touches other people in the same way too…Like harmony in sound…

As much as I love creating my art I love to give it to people I know who will truly appreciate it.  Of all the pictures I’ve sold I know that the homes that they went to were homes that loved it so much.  It makes me swell with pride and keep moving forward even on the darkest of days…which do happen with artists.  We are fathomless creatures, aren’t we!  Full of colours and dreams and inspiration and so many brilliant stories which I will share with y’all one day.

2013 is fascinating so far and I look forward to all that is still to come!  I have only one wish and that is for all the artists to unite!  Come together as fast as you can and tell us all your dreams and let us not separate into different groups but be together – we are all not so different! Please get over the fear! This is a call out to all of you!

Peace oh Brother, and a little added! 😉