In the midst of all that has been going on for the month of June I have been meaning to write a fantastic post on the Welland Rose Festival’s Juried Art show.


I entered the competition through looking for calls for artists on kijiji.  I was happy discover that the Welland Rose Festival was looking for more artists with original works. I decided to put my entry into the show and see how I could do.  At the Meet & Greet I saw and spoke with many of the artists who had entered their pieces. There were three main judges this year: Beverly Sneath, Vanessa Brownbridge, and Shola Egbuna of which I had the chance to explain my art to Vanessa as I showed her the things that inspire me.  I met a lot of wonderful people in the Welland area that are also GREAT artists and the 5 pieces of art that I added to the show was Bob Marley – EXODUS, Jimi Hendrix – Jimi #2 Highway Chile, BB King – Lucille & Me,  Mick Jagger with the Keith Richards Puppet and the Keith Richards with the Mick Jagger puppet.

I attended the Welland Rose Festival Juried Art Show Gala where I saw the President of the Welland Rose Festival, Jeffrey Ward, D.Ed, and was happy to discover that I got Honourable Mention for my one piece Bob Marley – EXODUS. The funny thing about this portrait is that I love it so much that it must have shown through. I was surprised and shocked and for some reason was so overwhelmed by it all that I forgot to say thank you to a lot of people at the show and all the best wishes I had received from everyone there.  It was an honour to meet everyone and I look forward to next year…And I promise next year I will stick around a little longer and not be so much of an enigma. It was odd being myself for a change and getting a great reward but in the midst of it I was thinking about how uncomfortable I felt in my dress and my dogs(those are other stories not for blogging about)…I had to get back home!  People are probably still wondering what happened to that lady!  This was a great thing that words could not begin to express.

Thanks again to everyone at the Welland Rose Festival, and especially Sara who ran it brilliantly!  It inspired me to go forward with my art in New York and perhaps further too and I was so excited for having new people appreciate my work. I will definitely be doing the art festival again next year.  Best wishes to all!

There is always more coming so please stay tooned….