Theme Rooms

by Kim Overholt

Designing A Theme Room

Let your imagination run wild! If you can imagine it, I can probably paint it. Your new theme room will be unique to you and I work closely with you through each step of the process.

The process begins with an initial consultation and viewing of the room to be painted. Measurments are taken and all nessessary information is collected. I then present a project proposal for your consideration which includes pricing, material requirements and time estimate.

The Work Begins!

Upon approval of the project proposal work on your new theme room begins. I present you with a variety of sketches and design ideas for your consideration and feedback followed by additional consultation to finalize any changes and additional details. More sketches may be provided at this point if needed.

Once I have approval of all the various design elements painting begins. The process of completing the theme room may vary depending on complexity, however a priority to complete the project in a timely manner is paramount.