The Mural Continues to Grow!

BoysThemedRoomSkullThis is part two of a two part post of the theme room designed for a 10 year old boy now into skateboarding.

The great thing about painting is being able to fool the eye into seeing something that isn’t real and making it look real.

I had created so many parts in the wall that gave it a sense of depth and that walls weren’t walls anymore.

Almost like Magic!



Stating the Obvious!

BoysThemedRoomCornerTrying to make something look authentic such as logos when you are painting them can be pretty crucial to a look of a room.

When you have pictures provided or able to decide for yourself what looks best or “suits a particular taste” it makes for a much easier design.

In the end it is whatever makes the client happy because – like a tattoo – once its there you want to make sure it’s something you will want for a long time.

Unlike tattoos the walls can always be repainted if you don’t like it! 



Incorporating Requests – What do you want on Your Wall?

BoysThemedRoomPenguinBoysThemedRoomWallProgressThe 10 year old wanted to see more skeletons and bones and graffiti and less cute things.

Part of the room shows a happy skeleton squishing a penguin – he requested it and I put it on his wall.

It was a kind of neat having him pop out from behind a rip in the wall!

This was fun!



No Wall Were Out of Bounds – Just Keep Painting!

BoysThemedRoomGraffitiI painted in corners, on ceilings, on floors, plugs, switches and everything I could paint on!

When it was all finished there wasn’t a calm place in the room – it was all ALIVE!

What’s next?