Skateboard Park Theme Room is divided into two parts.

BoysThemedRoomSkate1This is part one of a two part post of the theme room designed for a 10 year old boy now into skateboarding.

This time the bedroom is more of a regular bedroom with shuttered blinds in the lower part of the house.

The idea was to make it look like the whole room was a skatepark.

There were so many possibilities!


First was to find the images that I wanted to create.

IMG_1642Again I went to reference material and make mock-up designs of what I was looking to create.

As before the main pictures I painted on masonite board to be cut out and placed in an interesting position.

The boy liked having some graffiti and not to make it a ‘cute’ bedroom.

Look out world!


The secret is to have an idea and run with it!

BoysThemedRoomSkate3In the plotting out of the design of the room I told him I could throw in some visual things that would fool the eye and he liked that idea..

I went into brainstorming mode as the parents made the bed look more like a ramp for jumping into I went looking for graffiti designs.

I had plenty of printed ideas and pictures ready to go.