Hey everyone!  Well now that the dust is starting to settle again, here I am posting some information on the tumultuous life of one struggling artist.  Actually, life is not that bad; I have been doing different things lately including entering my artwork into contests to see if I can win and get exposure or something resembling exposure to the world.  I’ve recently entered ‘Art Takes Times Square’ and submitted my portraits to see if there is interest and I hope that will allow more people to see my artwork and be interested enough to contact me or to buy.

I learned a lot of things over the course of this weekend and it puts everything in an interesting light.  I was at the Thorold Arts and Crafts Show this weekend, I met with many different artists and crafters and they said because of the economy the shows have become a harder sell for anyone looking to sell their wares.  It also has to do with the aging population who at one time thrived at the shows but now are stuck doing it because it’s what they’ve always been doing.  Unfortunately a lot of their old customers are also older too and cannot make it to the shows anymore so again they are selling less.  With the kind of work that I do, I was told that I should try some of the bigger markets in the Oakville, Toronto area for better exposure.

I would do all the shows in the Toronto area except for one thing – money!  I have no way of getting there and I am actually aiming for a higher market. That is why I am on line and why I’m trying for New York City and the ‘Art Takes Times Square’.  I am aiming for the big cities with my art and would love to get far away from this urban sprawl into something more my style.  I don’t know what I am looking for but I have been trying to get my art exposed to the world for over 5 years seriously!  Unfortunately no one takes me seriously.  Is it because I’m a clown? Hmmm….All I know is I would like to sell ALL my works and be able to give more to the world.  I would love to share this dream…

“If I can make it there, I’m going to make it – everywhere! It’s up to YOU New York, New York!”