This is part one of a two part post of the mural that I created for a boy’s cartoon/comic book themed room.

BoysThemedRoomPrep1The boy was 5 years old and loved Superheroes and Spongebob Squarepants.

The parents had designed the bedroom to be like a hideaway for the imagination!

There would be two levels; on the top would be a bunk style bed and underneath would be a desk with all his books.

I went straight to work!

First was to find the images that I wanted to create.

BoysThemedRoomPrep2The ceiling of the  room had already been painted to look like the sky so I decided to have Buzz Lightyear flying through the air.

I asked for reference material from the parents of what was interesting to their son and I copied it freehand from the pictures.

The picture of Buzz Lightyear – although skewed – when up on the ceiling showed depth and foreshortening.

Don’t try this at home! You might like it!


To understand a child’s perspective, you have to think like a child.

BoysThemedRoomPrep3In the plotting out of the design of the room I tried to think about what would be cool to see when I walked in the room.

On the far wall when you open the door, the first thing you see is Spongebob Squarepants and when you look up you see Buzz Lightyear next to the ceiling fan flying upwards.

To your left where the light switch for the room is Spiderman has made a web downwards from the bunk bed to the door of the room and where the desk lurks under the bed, is where the Hulk is smashing through the wall and coming towards you.

It is a very active and imaginative room!