Kim OverholtI have been an active artist in the Niagara Area for over two decades, attracting a wide range of clients who share the same passion for my original pieces as I do creating them.

After attending Sheridan College to study Art Fundamentals and Classical Animation I continued to grow as an artist and eventually established a strong following throughout the Greater Niagara Area, the US and Internationally.

Experience has taught me that creating truly unique art can often mean taking a uncommon approach in order to achieve the desired outcome. There is no greater reward for me as an artist than to have others interested in a piece that has been nothing short of a labor of love.

 Each individual piece is unique and a one of a kind creation.

Each painting commissioned is assigned a number and is signed by me.

Portraits are my forte.

I have a tremendous love of music and so the people who create music are often the source of my inspiration and therefore many of my subjects. Art and music continue to be a major influence in my life and I strive to channel this creative energy into my art with every piece I create.

I continue to exhibit throughout the Greater Niagara Region and to the world through my website.