A New Year, A New Website!

Welcome and thank you for visiting KimOverholt.com.

2017 brings with it more changes and even more opportunities. My new website will be open in just a few short days. We have a lot of work to accomplish but it will be worth every effort!

In addition to a host of updates and redesigns, the new website will boast two major upgrades.

The first is an all new, fully responsive design, that’s right! Viewable from every device, and on any screen size, awesome stuff! Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy visiting from where ever you may be and still have a great experience.

The second major upgrade is a complete online store! Visitors will be able to purchase my original art right from my new website. I will also be adding limited prints and other art pieces in the very near future.

There’s so much more, but I want to keep it a secret until opening day, stay tuned!